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SIA helps you maximize your revenue and keep everyone happy.

Stay In Compliance

Maximize Your Revenue

Manage With Ease

Easy To Track & View Attendance

Sign In Alerts serves Preschools & Childcare  who want to operate efficiently and maximize their profitability.  If you want to run your center effortlessly and focus on what matters-You have come to the right place



  • Easy to view late payments and apply late payments penalties.
  • Option to auto create invoices for late student pickup.
  • Convert parents to pay with Electronic Check and save credit card processing fees.
  • Once you work with the SIA billing system you reduce collections mistakes, you have user permissions and better control over your stuff.
  • Track preschool government assistance reimbursements.
  • Highly competitive ACH & Credit card fees with no hidden costs

Preschool billing and transactions in one organized place


Know who is the responsible person with the child

SIGN IN ALERTS (S.I.A.) records attendance and tracks all activities while the child is in daycare or preschool.

All personnel have their identities confirmed and actions recorded, using images, barcodes and PIN numbers.

Both parents and teachers can chat via in-app text, access live attendance activity and receive real-time alerts.

Peace of mind for both parents and teachers.



  • Automatic online electronic documents with signatures.
  • Easy to use preschool attendance app for both teachers and parents.
  • Auto back-up on a daily basis
  • Back office logs and attendance history  
  • At SIA we can generate custom reports 

SIA generates attendance and system reports with a high standard of compliance to regulations

Compatible and secure with FREE INITIAL SET-UP

S.I.A. works with most common smartphones and tablets. Teachers can use their personal phone or school device.

The plug-and-play system is easy to operate. There is one-time initial setup and the system will then run by itself.

What our clients are saying:

For years, I was frustrated trying to organize my billing and collections in one area. I was also in a constant struggle to get the penalty revenue from late payment fees. When I got SIA, I could open and track all my invoices automatically. Parents could confirm and pay all fees in a click of a button while I kept all billing and transactions in one organized place. Within a week, I had no more lines of agitated parents waiting to pay. I also saved thousands of dollars on credit card processing fees by charging with electronic check payments. With SIA, I did all this while also increasing my profits. It’s amazing!!

Gloria Hallenfield from Daytona, Florida

Preschool Owner

Letitia Johnson Preschool Owner
Before SIA, I did all attendance manually and couldn’t track and collect late pickup fees automatically. I had endless papers and files which were very hard to keep track of. It drove me crazy. After using SIA, I keep track of all billing and transactions. I am now able to increase profits by collecting late payments with one click. I wish I had SIA from the beginning. It makes life so much easier. Letitia Johnson from Atlanta, Georgia

Preschool Owner

Darlene Rodriguez preschool owner
I was at a crossroads in my business. I didn’t know how long it could sustain itself, because I felt like I didn’t have control over my finances and invoices. I also had problems with certain employees and needed to have complete access and transparency to be able supervise all payments and transactions. When I got SIA, it was like my business took on a new life. This app gives me complete control and transparency over all finances with just a few clicks. It has been a complete game-changer and I am grateful every day that I found SIA.

Darlene Rodriguez from Houston, Texas

Preschool Owner

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