Child Care is Now Early Education

No longer is child care for young children simply babysitting. Child care centers have mostly transitioned to centers for early education, where young tots are involved with childcare app. The trend to learning centers is partly due to high parent and school expectations; it’s also attributable to research that shows that kids are capable of learning early academics and other skills that previously were not taught until later. Care centers often offer formalized early education curriculum, and staff receives extensive training in instruction geared for preschoolers.

Technology Is Changing Provider/Parent Connection

An increasing number of childcare app offer parents the peace of mind of being able to check on their child while at daycare as desired through video streaming of classroom activities throughout the day. Other providers regularly take photos of children and send them to parents, post daily or weekly blogs or e-newsletters online for parents to view, or even exchange emails or text messages throughout the day. The technology provides parents and providers with another tool for staying in touch and bonding with activities and events planned for youngsters.