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What inspires us

Our goal is to empower childcare owners to free up their time, do what they love and focus on what matters the most. This includes making a seamless switch from “old school” manual operation to a seamless online system. As a result of implementing a better way to run their business, owners will gain the tools to run a better operation, keep parents and teachers alike happy and increase their profits. This will also enable childcare to prioritize and ensure children’s safety and security.

Who we are

The founders of SIA (childcare management software), who are both parents with  children, had to recently go through the process of putting their children through childcare. Being a busy professional, one of the founders had to frequently have another family member or friend pick up/drop off his children. He was surprised to find out that he could not get real time automated alerts in case his child did not show up or picked up on time. That was the impetus that led to his curiosity to have dozens of conversations with childcare owners, teachers and parents. He wanted to understand the main pain points and create a better solution.

Hezki Eshed - CEO

Shimi Mantzur - COO

Shimron Shimla - CTO

Our vision

Enable childcare owners
to love the journey

To help childcare owners focus
on what matters the most

To improve the safety
and security of children